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How to use a human resource agency effectively

Dec 15, 2015 15:58   by  CBC

Human resource management for Western firms operating in China is complex. The human resources function must develop the managers for international operating and hiring staff in china. Many companies decide to hire a Chinese recruitment agency to save time, money and energy. But it is not as easy as it sounds. The Shanghai executive recruiters in China are increasing fast in the present years. How can you find the right recruitment agencies in China for your company within these various offers?

Some things to look for when choosing human resource services in China:

  • Reliability: Check if the Agency is well established in business. Do they have a stability and successful history?
  • Specialization: Most important point is, that the human resource agency knows your business and what kind of talents you are looking for, your needed skills, education and experience. A specialist in your field of business can better estimate the character of employee you are looking for than a generalist firm. Do they have references in your industrial sector?
  • Prompt service: Do they already have contacts with people who fit to your needs?
  • Staffing managers: They have to be well educated and need the expertise as well as the industry knowledge to consult you. Do they react professionally in their interactions with you?
  • Quality control: Are they concerned about it if you are pleased after recruiting a new employee? Do they offer a performance guarantee?
  • Agency visit: Is it possible to visit the Agency? During a personal meeting you get insight to the Agency’s business environment. A professional company will be very interested in your business and specific needs and will ask you a lot of questions.

It is always a challenge to employ the right person, also after a long hiring process with different interview methods and assessment center. There are weaknesses that would not be discovered in the interview process. It is possible that a person have the needed experience and education for a job but does not suit to the business environment. Good Executive Recruiters in Shanghai or in other parts of China are aim to your belongings after employ a persona and do long time business with you.