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Why outsourcing the Executive Recruitment for your company is effective - CBC Executive Search

Nov 26, 2013 15:14   by  CBC

One of the biggest challenges for any company is getting the right employees. But it doesn’t stop here. In addition, companies need to decide whether they want their own human resources department to find and select suitable candidates or go for a professional recruiting company.

Finding and recruiting the right candidates is never easy. This is certainly true in China, where headhunters and executive recruiters are in high demand by foreign and local companies, given the complexity of the market and the size of the labor force. New employees can have great work experience and fancy degrees from top universities. But then it turns out that they just don’t perform and you have to let them go after a year or so. Depending on the contract you have given them, this can become very expensive for your company.  

When it comes to hiring new staff, especially at the management level, make sure not only work experience and degrees are considered, but also the person himself.In order to truly evaluate suitable candidates and eventually make the right decision to hire the best applicant, more and more companies rely on professional help. There are several reasons why companies outsource this task to a professional recruiting company:

Recruitment quality: Recruiting firms employ professionals who select, test and assess candidates on a regular basis. A recruiting company has not only professional internal resources working on your assignment, but the recruiter also has a vast network and database from which he can select suitable candidates. And even if you are looking for a specialist with very exceptional skills, you may still be better off with the recruiter’s network and database than with your own search.

Cost: Recruiting is as a labor-intensive process and is recurring, taking away internal resources. When you outsource the recruitment process, your company saves manpower and can focus on your core business. You may have an HR department but they are rather busy with their daily tasks than with hiring new managers.

Speed: Maybe you give yourself 3-4 months to find the ‘right’ candidate. While this may sound like a lot, consider the above mentioned points. Recruitment professionals are used to focus, find suitable candidates and go through the assessment in a fast and efficient way. For recruiters, time is money, too.

According to government figures, China has a labor force of 767 million people. You will be pleased to have a professional headhunter on your side helping you find the managers you need.